Candida Cravings!

Anyone who has or has had Candida will know how strong the cravings for certain foods can be –  at times I have felt as if I have no control over these feelings and found myself going from cheese and bread to biscuits and sweets, eating excessively until I have felt dizzy from sugar consumption.

Thankfully my cravings do seem to have ceased a little, especially towards bread, cheese and other savoury yeasty foods, but my sweet tooth is still well and truly alive. I rarely eat cakes and desserts, but when I do I sometimes get the feeling like I can’t stop eating as much as I want to, like the candida has been kicked back into action with the rush of the refined sugars.

This is why I find it important to always make sure I’m prepared with healthy snacks on hand when I’m at work or on the go. The lure of chocolate and cakes can be a little too hard to resist when you’re hungry and craving a quick energy boost so having healthier alternatives such as nuts or rice cakes will help to prevent you from falling off the wagon.

Here are my other tips for helping with food cravings…

1) Consider the effect the food you’re craving has on your body…is it going to make you ill? Is it worth it? I’ve come to recognise that if I eat dairy I will end up covered in hives with an upset stomach so as much as I may fancy a milkshake, it’s not worth the I’ll feeling I’ll get as a result of drinking it.

2) Negative associations: sometimes it helps me to associate something negative with the food at I’m craving. For example I imagine the food covered in hair and the thought of eating the hair repulses me enough to kill the craving!

3) Don’t give in: As obvious as it may sound it really can be as simple as not giving in to any cravings. The longer your body goes without a food the less it will want it. I used to be addicted to cheese, eating it at least once a day, so giving it up when I started following the anti-candida diet was difficult. However these days I never crave cheese and find that if I do actually eat it it’s too rich for me and I don’t actually enjoy it. Try it, you may be surprised!

How do you cope with your food cravings?


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