The Feel Good Factor by Patrick Holford

Patrick Holford starts The Feel Good Factor Tour


The Feel Good Factor by Patrick Holford
'The Feel Good Factor'

Renowned UK Nutritionist Patrick Holford is set to start his Feel Good Factor tour in March.


The three-hour seminars across the UK and Ireland are part of his tour to promote new book The Feel Good Factor and are designed to help you discover how simple changes to your diet can make a huge improvement in how you feel.

The book of the same name was published recently, and shot straight to the top of the Irish Times bestsellers list, with reviews raving about how effective the advice is.

According to his website, during the seminar Patrick will teach –

  • 10 proven ways to improve your mood
  • How to increase mental energy and motivation
  • The secret to keeping your memory sharp
  • How to increase your ability to stay focused
  • How to stop your brain shrinking with age

For anyone who often suffers from low moods or depression, a lack of motivation or poor memory, this sounds like an interesting way to learn more about the importance of nutrition.

The seminar tour starts in London on Sunday, March 7 before heading to a number of destinations across the UK and Ireland throughout March. Tickets cost £15 for non-members or £12 for members of Patrick Holford’s 100% health club and can be booked online through his website.

Will you be going to Patrick Holford’s Feel Good Factor Tour?


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