Ditch the diet…embrace the lifestyle

All too often I hear the words ‘I’m on a diet’, as a reason why people can’t eat certain things, whether that’s snacks like chocolate or crisps to entire food groups like carbs.

While I too have been guilty of trying faddy diets in a bid to shift weight quickly, they’re never more than a short-term fix and I’m beginning to realise that losing weight is better done as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Before I was forced to cut out lots of foods and sugar due to my Candida problems I used to indulge in whatever I fancied most of the time without thinking of the effect it had on my body. That meant daily sweet treats, slices of cheese as a ‘snack’ and a lot of sugary alcohol (I was a student after all). However since my nutritionist imposed ban on all sugars, refined carbohydrates, dairy, fermented foods and just about anything processed something inside me changed.

Sure, I gave up those foods because I had to, but excluding them had a massive effect on the way I looked at food and the direct effect it has on our health.

Now I realise that quick fix diets are not the answer to losing weight or being healthy, and cutting out entire food groups may help to drop a few pounds, but what effect will these fads have on our health in the long term?

"Get Pippa's body in 10 days"...Yeah right!

If you’re thinking of trying the latest miracle diet with the promise of getting Pippa Middleton’s ass or dropping 10lbs in 10 days, think again. Chances are you won’t lose as much as they say, or any weight you do lose will come back once you resume your normal habits.

“Eat fresh, unprocessed foods, commit yourself to a little more exercise and allow yourself time to relax – I guarantee the results will be a lot more satisfying…”

Instead try to embrace a healthy lifestyle. It’s simple, effective and much better for you in the long term. Eat fresh, unprocessed foods as much as possible, commit yourself to a little more exercise everyday – even if it’s just walking to the station – and allow yourself time to relax. Sure, you won’t drop half a stone in a week but I can guarantee the results will be a lot more satisfying.

Not only can a healthy lifestyle help with the goal of weight loss but it can bring so many more benefits; more energy, clearer skin, better sleep…you’ll be feeling much better after two weeks of eating a nutrient rich balanced diet than you would after two weeks of The Dukan Diet protein-only phase, I can guarantee it.

A healthy lifestyle does not state that you can’t eat chocolate or carbs are the enemy, in fact it can be good for both mind and body to indulge every now and again – but as you get more in tune with your body you’ll begin to realise what different food cravings mean.

Even chocolate is allowed!

I’m still battling my sugar demons and often find that I crave chocolate, ice cream and cereals when I’m feeling stressed or run down, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t eat them from time to time. The key is just to eat treats in moderation and maintain a balanced diet as much as possible.

Try it…ditch the diet and embrace the lifestyle!


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