Starting an Anti-Candida Diet…Again

 My interest in health and nutrition was propelled in 2009 when I first discovered my problems with Candida.

While I can now look back on that time and feel positive that the illness has actually helped me to lead a healthier lifestyle, there’s no denying that the first few months leading up to and after my initial diagnosis were pretty miserable.

The intensity of my symptoms left me suffering with excruciating pains in my chest, constant feelings of pins and needles in my arms and legs and an outbreak of hives if I even so much as looked as anything sugary.

Then of course, there was the start of the anti-candida diet – I struggled to find things to eat that didn’t just taste bland or boring, and the die-off of all the toxins in my body led to bad outbreaks of spots, tiredness and an exacerbation of my original symptoms for a while.

Of course, it got better – and if you’re starting an anti-candida diet, trust me, it will get better. As I felt more well, stabilised at a healthy weight and the daily hive outbreaks cleared up I was relieved and began to relax my diet a little. Recently that has been to the point of eating chocolate, sweets and last night, pizza.

It was only when I spotted the all too familiar fungal skin infection creeping up my torso and three angry red hives on my wrist that I knew my body can’t, and probably won’t ever be able to tolerate much sugar, yeast or refined carbohydrates.

My stomach today is reminding me that this is definitely the case.

So with that in mind I’m planning on re-starting an anti-candida diet, possibly stricter than before – wheat and gluten free as much as possible (apparently Candida sufferers often have problems with gluten) and a strong feeling that I don’t want the problem to get as bad as it was first time round two years ago.

I’m currently in the middle of reading a book called The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates which offers a slightly different approach to tackling Candida than my others, so I’m going to try and incorporate some of her diet suggestions to create a new plan. I’ll post more information about her advice in the near future…

I’m hoping that this blog will help to keep me on the straight and narrow as much as possible and would love to hear any of your candida stories. If you’d like to find out more or share your tips and stories get in touch!



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