Patrick Holford’s 100% Health Club

I’m signed up to Patrick Holford’s newsletter and was interested to read lots of information about his 100% Health Club in this week’s email.

I’ve had a look at it before on his website, but until now I haven’t really paid much interest because I didn’t know what it involves other than discounts on his workshops and events.

There is currently an offer online that people can join the health club for £100 and also receive two free books – The GL Counter and The 10 Secrets of 100% Healthy People.

Upon joining the club, members submit a questionnaire about their current health, goals and symptoms to the team. The qualified nutritionists will then devise a personal health plan including meal plans, recipes and suggested supplements. 100% Health Club members also receive nutritional therapist support, access to special nutrition features and news, and a forum where they can communicate directly with Patrick amongst other things.

At £100 for one year’s membership or 12 monthly payments of £9.99 it is quite pricey but I’m interested in signing up. I want to get some feedback before I do though – are you a member of Patrick Holford’s 100% Health Club, and if so would you recommend it?


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