Hair Today…the food you need for healthy, glossy hair

The old adage is true…you are what you eat. From your head to your toes, your eyes to your nose, the vitamins and minerals in the food we eat forms the building blocks of a healthy body. So it makes sense that good nutrition is crucial to healthy, shiny hair.

As much as hairdressers like to credit the latest miracle shampoos and products on providing a false chemical shine, if you eat well and are in good health, chances are you can get away without it!

Hair is mostly made up from protein which we get in our diets from meat, eggs, vegetables, dairy, nuts and seeds, so it relies on a good quantity and quality supply of protein in our diet as well as lots of other nutrients to nourish it.

The condition of one’s hair can do more than signify if we’ve been a bit over zealous with the hair straighteners (guilty as charged), but also can indicate deficiencies in our diet, that once addressed will leave hair glossy and groomed from root to tip.

Greasy Hair:

If you’re waking up with greasy, lank hair even after you’ve just washed it, it could be a sign of B vitamin deficiency, specifically vitamin B2. Increase your intake with lots of fish, eggs and leafy green vegetables.

Dry and brittle hair:

Thirsty hair could just be taken as a sign of heat damage, but it is also an indicator of a deficiency of essential fatty acids (EFAs). While we’ve been taught that fat is bad, EFA’s are  critical to a balanced diet so add good quality sources with nuts, seeds, flaxseed and oily fish like salmon.

Hair loss:

Underlying causes such as stress, thyroid problems or a hormonal imbalance can lead to hair loss. Fight the problem by increasing your intake of protein every day and also eating more iron in the form of spinach, red meat and apricots. Improving circulation to your scalp by massage may help, but ultimately it may be best to see your doctor to identify any underlying causes.


This embarrassing and itchy hair condition can be caused by a diet that is too high in saturated fats, causing an excess of oil on the scalp to clog up and block the hair follicles before flaking off. Clean up your diet and hair by cutting out junk food and replacing saturated fats with healthier fats like olive oil.

It can take up to two months to notice a difference in your hair so clean up your diet to start seeing improvements!


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