Echinacea is good for a cold

How to look and feel good this winter!

Freezing hands, dry skin and a cold…yep, winter’s here bringing with it the common complaints that many of us suffer at this time of the year. The drop in the temperature can cause many of us to feel ill, while moving between cold and wet conditions into hot, dry air conditioning can leave even the most gorgeous ladies looking below par.

You’d think with the British climate we would be used to bad weather, grey days and depressing amounts of rain; but every year without fail we act surprised as the nights draw in. We’re unprepared for the colder weather and can get run down as a result. The good news? It doesn’t have to be this way! With a few simple changes and additions to your daily routine, you can make it through the winter feeling healthy, and positively glowing.


This natural supplement has been found to halve the risks of getting a cold by boosting the body’s immune system. If you’re unlucky enough to have already caught a cold, it is also effective in reducing the duration of the illness as well as lessening symptoms cough, headache and nasal congestion. Sold? Thought so…get yourself down to Holland and Barrett for a full range of Echinacea products including vitamins, tea and effervescent drinks.


From antibiotics to the pill, there are many factors that can lead the good bacteria in our gut to become depleted on a daily basis. Without a good defence system, we leave ourselves even more susceptible to the bugs that spread like wildfire at this time of year so give your good bacteria and supplement probiotics or consume probiotic yoghurts like Activia, Yakult or Actimel.

Good quality probiotics can be a bit pricy but are worth it for investing in a flu-free winter! I like BioCare Bio-Acidophilus, that contains over 10,000 live bacteria. Make sure to store yours in the fridge to keep the good bacteria alive.


In an ideal world we would get all of our daily nutritional requirements through our diet, but a good quality multi-vitamin is an essential supplement to a healthy, balanced diet to ensure you’re getting all of the nutrients you need.

Whether you choose a high-end multivitamin from a health store – or a high-street brand – make sure it has yourRDA’s for Vitamin C and D in particular as these will help boost your immune system and your mood.

 Argan Oil

Beauty’s newest wonder product, argan oil comes fromMorocco and is a great way of injecting moisture into parched hair, protecting it from heat and also helping it to dry quicker. Towel dry your hair and then run a small amount through the mid lengths to ends, making sure not to use too much – a little goes a long way!

Hair salons and celebrities alike are said to love Moroccan Oil (£29.95 for 100ml) but for a cheaper way to sample it, try VO5 Miracle Elixir Argan Oil (£4.99). When using this product my hair seems noticeably smoother and softer, and I imagine it does a good job of protecting my hair from the substantial heat damage I subject it to on a daily basis. I know this will be a product I rely on for even a chance of frizz-free hair over the winter months.

 Face Oil

You might think that putting oil onto your face would make it greasy and shiny, but thanks to beauty’s craze of adding oil to products for face, body and hair, there are lots of new and innovative facial oils on the market that are set to be your skin’s saviour this autumn. Massage into your face and neck every evening for intensive overnight moisturising – I’ve found surprisingly that despite having an oily t-zone, my skin was much less greasy after using facial oils.

I avoid using in the morning because I don’t want my make up to go slick, but if you do make sure to use a small amount and allow plenty of time for it to absorb before you apply any make up.

 Overnight Hair Serum

While argan oil will help to keep your hair in relatively good condition, an overnight hair serum will give parched tresses an extra helping hand to stay silky and strong throughout the cold months. I love Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm, £5.61. Simply slather over dry hair from the mid lengths to the ends about 15 minutes before you go to bed and rinse off in the shower the next morning before your usual beauty routine. It’s a great treat to use once or twice a week to give your hair an extra nourishing boost.


3 thoughts on “How to look and feel good this winter!

  1. i love all of these ideas! im new to the east coast and now that i live in the cold, its essential to take care of my skin and hair in the winter! it makes all of the difference! over night hair serum is now next on my list!

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