Graze: Healthy snacks delivered

Healthy snacks are an important part of any diet as they can help to stabilise your blood sugars and sustain you until your next meal. Often it can be quite hard to get healthy snacks on the go, while junk food is readily available in shops, vending machines and offices across the country.

The team at Graze has recognised this fact and devised their own unique business delivering tasty and healthy snacks to the homes and workplaces of hungry Britons for the past couple of years. Forget bland and tasteless crackers and rice cakes; the range of snacks available from Graze is truly incredible, innovative and best of all, tasty.

The premise of their website is simple, just sign up and choose the type of box you would like. Take your pick from a range of plans including light boxes (each snack under 150 calories) to nibble boxes, which contain the occasional more indulgent treat that conforms to their 80:20 eating mantra.

You can ensure you don’t end up with anything you don’t like or may be allergic/ intolerant to by browsing through their snacks and rating them on whether you want to try them or not. When you’re done it’s just a case of waiting until your delivery day and seeing what you get!

Each Graze box contains four individual snacks as well as nutritional information. I’m signed up for a weekly nibble box and this is what I’ve received this week –

graze deliver four healthy snacks to your door
graze deliver four healthy snacks to your door

I’ve ordered quite a few different boxes from graze in the past year and have yet to find something I don’t like as the rating process helps to tailor the box to your tastes. For my favourites quite a few things spring to mind like the honeycomb flapjack, Very Nori-sh Japanese seaweed crackers and billionaire’s shortbread – all healthy but with a deliciously indulgent taste.

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Each Graze box is £3.49 including postage, which I think works out quite reasonable as each snack costs less than your average coffee chain cake or cookie.

Munch is offering readers the chance to try their first graze box for free with this code 6PJ5RPW– simply enter into the promo code box when ordering your treats!

Have you ordered from Graze before or will you be trying it out with our promo code?


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