Alpro are launching both Almond and Hazelnut milks

Alpro Almond Milk

I’ve been hoping to try Almond Milk for a while, but have struggled to find anything for less than about £3 a litre before, a price I’m not really willing to pay considering you can get double the amount of other dairy alternatives for that cost. So when I discovered Alpro Almond Milk on sale at my local Tesco for £1.59 a litre at the weekend, I knew I had to give it a try.

Alpro are launching both Almond and Hazelnut milks
Alpro are launching both Almond and Hazelnut milks

After looking at the nutritional information, one of the first things that struck me was the incredibly low protein content of this milk – only 0.5g per 100ml, which is significantly lower than one might expect from a nut-based milk. Plus points include the low calorie and fat content (24 cals and 1.1g fat per 100ml), and of course the fact that the drink is completely vegan and soy free – perfect for anyone with intolerances and allergies.

The milk apparently only contains 2% almonds which is a bit disconcerting, and definitely not what you might expect from a product that is branded as almond milk! With 3g of sugar per 100ml it’s clear that Alpro are relying quite heavily on sugar and other flavourings to give the milk its taste. This is something to look out for if you’re trying to restrict your sugar consumption, but is still  lower than the 4-5g of sugar you could expect to find in the same amount of semi-skimmed milk.

That being said, after putting Alpro Almond Milk to the taste test I’m definitely a fan. It’s good for making sweet, creamy porridge and adds a slightly nutty taste to tea and coffee.

Overall, I think Alpro Almond Milk is a good dairy and soy substitute for vegans and allergy sufferers, but its low protein constitution means that drinkers will have to ensure to get other good quality protein sources elsewhere. I’ll definitely be adding it to my rotation of Coconut milk and Oat Milk for tasty substitutes to soy and dairy. From the looks of it they have also launched a hazelnut milk which I’ll definitely be looking out for!

Have you tried Alpro Almond Milk? Are there any other almond milks you can recommend?


7 thoughts on “Alpro Almond Milk

  1. I’ve tried both the hazelnut and almond milk and absolutely love them both. I’m trying a low carb diet and found by using this milk I now don’t have to add sugar to my food. Bit dissappointed they have a higher sugar content of 3% and only 2% nuts as the title says – almond milk, but recommend you try it! Reduced to £1 in Tesco til Tuesday! I’ve stocked up well

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