Tracy Anderson is a celebrity fitness trainer

REVIEW: Tracy Anderson Mat Workout Method

Tracy Anderson is a celebrity fitness trainerTracy Anderson is touted as the woman responsible for the toned and tiny figures of the LA elite including Nicole Richie and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Her method may have come under some criticism, with her diet plan in particular being slated as too restrictive, but with gorgeous, lithe A-Listers as her finest ambassadors, I thought her Mat Work DVD was worth a try.

I mainly do cardio work like running or zumba so was looking for something to help me tone up, especially my arms, and with this DVD I haven’t been disappointed.

Unlike other DVDs you don’t need specialist equipment, just a mat to place on the floor, a chair and two small water bottles or cans to use as light weights. The DVD is broken down into seven sections; warm up, standing legs, standing abs, standing arms, arms with weights, leg mat work, mat abs and cool down. You can work your way through the whole routine in one go or skip to the parts you’re most targeting, which is what I’ve been doing most of the time.

My favourite section has to be the standing arms workout – about ten minutes of arm exercises simply using self-resistance, you don’t put your arms down the whole time! While this can be tough and a bit uncomfortable at the time, I found that this gets easier with practice and I felt my arms getting stronger even after a couple of goes. The real evidence though was in the size of my arms – after just one week of doing the standing arms exercises every day I had lost half an inch off the top of each arm! I’m pretty confident that if I keep it up consistently over the next couple of months, I’ll have biceps even Michelle Obama would be proud of!

Overall, I’d recommend this DVD as an effective toning method in addition to regular cardio exercise. Tracy doesn’t really provide too much direction, but to be honest I prefer this as I sometimes find it annoying when fitness instructors talk too much, especially on an exercise DVD. Tracy Anderson’s Mat workout method is available in all good entertainment stores and websites, I bought mine from Amazon for just over £5, a bargain for the results I’m expecting.

Have you tried out any of Tracy Anderson’s exercise DVDs?


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