anti-candida diet

What you can eat on an Anti-Candida diet

A couple of years ago I suffered from an overgrowth of Candida, a yeast that occurs naturally in the body but can spiral out of control with a diet high in sugars or the addition of antibiotics and steroid treatments.

The most effective way of reducing the yeast is with a plan including following a strict anti-candida diet, taking supplements that help to kill the yeast and repopulating the good bacteria of the gut with probiotics.

anti-candida diet

When I initially got to grips with the anti-candida diet I was shocked and didn’t have a clue what to eat. Looking at websites and information about the yeast was disheartening as often I read more about what I couldn’t eat than could. However with a little creativity and commitment it’s possible to eat an abundance of foods on the anti-candida diet. In fact I found that while I had to cut out refined carbohydrates, dairy, sugars and most processed foods, on the other hand I discovered a huge array of foods that I probably wouldn’t have eaten otherwise.

So, if you are suffering from Candida here are some ideas of what you are can eat for each meal…


sugar, yeast and wheat free granola
Sugar, wheat and yeast free granola

Oats with water/ non-dairy milk – sprinkle with cinnamon and add linseeds

Eggs – scrambled/poached – organic

Quinoa cereal

Home made granola

Soya yoghurt with ground flax

Lunch and Dinner:

Quinoa Tabouleh
Quinoa Tabouleh

Salad with a mix of veg and some protein – fish/ lean meat/ quorn

With meat try to go organic as much as possible. Mass produced meats are often pumped with hormones and antibiotics that can get into your food. They are also a better source of nutrients.

Quinoa – a fantastic grain that is a good source of protein and amino acids. Can be cooked and served  or with vegetables.

Ryvita, brown rice and wholewheat pasta – I ate these in moderation but they are a great choice for when you fancy something heavier and carby.

Beans – a great source of vegetarian protein, try bean bakes with vegetables for a wholesome, warming meal.

Add lots of garlic and leeks to your meals, they’re known for their anti-fungal properties.


Sugar free soya yoghurt – I love natural Alpro Soya Yofu.

Ryvita or crispbreads with almond butter or a beany spread


Raw nuts and seeds


Drink caffeine free red bush tea as an alternative to regular caffeinated tea, try herbal blends like peppermint, nettle, camomile and fruit. Pau D’arco is a great tea with anti-fungal properties – it doesn’t taste the nicest but it should grow on you!

For more ideas of what to eat on an anti-candida diet look out for my review of Rebecca Richardson’s recipe book ‘Candida Can Be Fun!’ coming soon on munch. You can also find out more about Candida on my Special Diets page.

If you are suffering with candida overgrowth it may seem miserable now, but you really can eat your way to better health!


6 thoughts on “What you can eat on an Anti-Candida diet

    1. Personally I found soya ok but I know that it can trigger Candida symptoms for some people. Dairy and Soy alternatives like Rice milk would be a good idea as it is hypoallergenic, or Coconut Milk is also tasty and has the added benefit of containing Caprylic Acid, the medium-chain fatty acid that helps to kill off Candida.

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