Work It! Easy exercises you can do in the office

We may eat a healthy diet and squeeze in gym visits before and after work, but the 9-5 office slog can still have it’s toll on our bodies. Recent research has shown that not only will being sedentary take its toll on our waistline, but it can also increase our likelihood of an early death!

When we are sitting down our calorie burning rate drops drastically and our muscle activity, good cholesterol levels and insulin levels fall. With many of us sitting down for eight hours a day with minimal breaks this isn’t good for our health.

Before you hand in your notice, there are simple exercises you can do at your desk discretely that will help to combat some of the effects of long sedantary periods.

1) Stretch

stretching at your desk can be beneficial to health
Stretching at your desk can be beneficial to health

Sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time can cause you to adopt a hunched or uncomfortable postition, so take some time to sit up straight, take a deep breath and stretch. This can help you to relax and gets some activity into your day.

2) Clench

You may feel a bit funny doing it, but clenching your bum at your desk can help to keep the blood flowing and tone the area that is most neglected in a sedentary lifestyle!

3) Fidget

Within reason, fidgeting can be a good thing. You’ll burn more calories than if you sit completely still. Just try not to annoy your colleagues!

4) Walk around

Walk to the water cooler for a break from your desk
Walk to the water cooler for a break from your desk

An obvious one, but the most effective. Try to get out of your seat as much as possible throughout the day whether it’s for a toilet break, a trip to the water cooler or just a little break. Stepping away from the screen will help you feel more refreshed and of course burn calories. Glued to your phone and emails? Go and visit your colleagues at their desks instead if possible.

5) Make the most of your lunch breaks

Utilise your lunch breaks to best effect with some exercise. Go for a brisk walk, get some fresh air and even squeeze in a quick workout if you have time. This is your time to get your blood flowing and raise your heart beat and prepare for an afternoon back at your desk. Work it!


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