Rice Dream Organic Rice Milk

Rice Dream Organic Rice Milk

Rice Dream Organic Rice MilkLast week Rice Dream sent me a sample of their Organic Rice Milk to put to the test, as they know I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect dairy and soy substitute. Rice Milk is something that’s always intrigued me as I’ve never really been sure how it’s made!

A quick read of their website explains exactly how Rice Dream make theirs: “Once the rice is cooked, the insoluble matter is mechanically filtered out. Amylase enzymes from malted barley are then added to break down the starch in the rice into complex carbohydrates and natural sugars – this process is similar to what happens when cereals are digested in the human body.”

The natural ingredients mean that Rice Dream is suitable for anyone with dairy or soy allergies, lactose intolerance and sensitive stomachs as rice is hypoallergenic. Better still, no sweeteners are added as the rice provides a natural sweetness, so it is a great choice for anyone wanting to moderate their sugar intake.

So now time for a look at the nutritional stats – Rice Dream Organic contains refreshingly few ingredients, just water, organic rice, organic sunflower oil and a tiny pinch of sea salt. There are only 47 calories and 1g of fat per 100ml, of which only 0.1g saturates.

As you might expect, Rice Dream is very low in protein with just 0.1g per 100ml, so vegans and vegetarians will have to look to other sources for protein. With 9.4g carbohydrate and 4g of sugar, this milk is better than other dairy alternatives, especially as these are natural sugars that come from the rice.

Rice Dream Rice Milk comes in five varieties
Rice Dream Rice Milk comes in five varieties

Rice Dream Organic Milk has a slightly watery consistency, so less creamy than other dairy and soy-alternatives like Coconut Milk, but it is still tasty and gives porridge quite a fluffy consistency. I can’t imagine that I would choose to drink this on its own, but their Rice Dream Vanilla, Hazelnut & Almond or Chocolate milks may be better for this purpose!

Overall I found that Rice Milk was tastier than I had expected and great for adding to hot drinks. If you’re vegan, have allergies and intolerances or are just looking to curb your sugar intake I recommend you try Rice Dream as it is also quite widely available in supermarkets for around £1.40.

For more information check out the Rice Dream website. You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. While you’re there, follow me too @munchforhealth!


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