Alpro now do Almond and Hazelnut milk

Alpro launch Almond Milk Advert

It was by pure chance that I discovered Alpro Almond Milk last month, and I was surprised that the company hadn’t advertised the launch of their new products. However the wait is over as Alpro has now rebranded, showcasing ‘plant power’ through their almond, hazelnut and soya products. They’ve also launched an advert for their new almond milk which you can watch below!

I’ve reviewed both Alpro Almond Milk and Alpro Hazelnut Milk, and definitely recommend them both to anyone looking to try new dairy alternatives. The Hazelnut milk in particular is something that tastes really indulgent, and I can imagine it working well in hot drinks, baking and desserts. For more information including the nutritional stats click through to my reviews below.

Have you tried Alpro Almond Milk or Alpro Hazelnut Milk? What do you think of their new ad? 


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