Eat your way to better skin

Saturday Crunch: the week’s top health & fitness stories

It’s that time of the week again – the Saturday Crunch, my round up of my favourite health articles and blog posts from the past week!

I’ve stated previously how the marketing of breakfast cereals is often misleading, with produts labelled as low fat in a bid to distract from their high sugar content, and this Daily Mail feature reveals more.

Statistics reveal that 50% of adult women still suffer from acne.┬áIf you suffer, don’t miss my tips to eat your way to clearer skin!

Eat your way to better skin
Eat yourself beautiful!

Baking is often synonymous with sugar-laden, calorific, fatty treats, but not anymore thanks to Fit Sugar’s baked goods under 200 calories!

Don’t forget to catch up on any of this week’s posts you may have missed on munch too! This week I’ve reviewed Rice Dream Organic Rice Milk, shared tips foreating healthily on a budget plus revealed all about this year’s Vitality Show Live

Have a great weekend and be sure to tweet me @munchforhealth!


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