Celebrity Diets: Kimberley Walsh

Famed for being the ‘curvy’ one in Girls Aloud, the gorgeous Kimberley Walsh is looking better than ever at the moment. The 30-year-old is currently starring in Shrek: The Musical, putting on eight high energy performances a week, along with intense rehearsals and training during the day. So what exactly does she eat to sustain her healthy size 10 figure?

Kimberley Walsh shows off her figure
Kimberley Walsh shows off her figure

Kimberley tells You magazine: “Since I started in Shrek, my eating schedule has had to adapt to the performances. I work late and I’m really hungry and full of adrenalin when finish, so I usually have something like chicken and couscous salad.”

Her day typically starts with a cup of tea and porridge or toast, while lunch is usually something like a jacket potato with tuna.

Kimberley doesn’t deny herself treats like chocolate and red wine in moderation, but says she’d put on lots of weight if she didn’t exercise so much. Kimberley’s exercise regime is as follows –

  • Eight performances a week plus rehearsals
  • Two or three one-hour workouts a week, concentrating on different muscle groups, including squats and lunges with weights to tone muscle without bulking up.

Overall, Kimberley has a really balanced approach to eating with a mix of low GL carbohydrates and protein at each meal. Every girl needs treats in moderation, so Kimberley is a real inspiration.

What do you think about Kimberley’s diet and figure?


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