OptiBac Probiotics For A Flat Stomach

REVIEW: OptiBac 7 Day Flat Stomach Probiotics

With fast-paced lifestyles and diets rich in convenience foods, our digestive systems could probably all do with a little helping hand in maintaining our good bacteria flora – cue probiotics. While probiotic yoghurt drinks and even probiotic chocolate bars can help, sometimes you may need something a little stronger.

I’ve been taking probiotics regularly for a couple of years now in a bid to keep Candida at bay, and have definitely noticed an improvement in my overall health since. However it was only recently that I discovered OptiBac through Twitter.

OptiBac Probiotics Range
OptiBac Probiotics

While many probiotics take a one size fits all approach, with the same probiotic cultures for everyone, OptiBac have products tailored to different digestive requirements. This is what first attracted me to the brand, as some people may be in need of stronger probiotics than others. Another advantage is that unlike other brands these probiotics don’t need to be kept in the fridge, so they’re a little more versatile for carrying around etc if you need to.

There are nine probiotic variations available from OptiBac including strains for improving regularity, easing IBS and to take while you’re on antibiotics.

Many people are unaware that while antibiotics help to flush bad bacteria and illnesses out of the body, they also deplete the good bacteria too. It’s at times like this that bad bacteria like Candida can flourish,so taking pre and probiotics is important.

As I already take probiotics, I decided to put one of their other products to the test – the 7 Day Flat Stomach Probiotics. These come as seven individual powder sachets, designed to be drank in cold water every morning for a week. These effervescent powders mix in to about an inch of water, and thankfully don’t alter the taste.

OptiBac Probiotics For A Flat Stomach
OptiBac Probiotics For A Flat Stomach

What sets this strain apart from their other products is  that each sachet contains 5 billion live probiotic microorganisms + 0.3g prebiotic fibres to help prevent bloating.

While the verdict of whether they did give me a flatter stomach is subjective, I would definitely say I noticed that I felt my stomach didn’t get as bloated as usual throughout the course of the day. This could be particularly beneficial to any ladies who find they get bloated as a symptom of PMS.

It’s recommended to take one course of the 7 Day Flat Stomach Probiotics a month in addition to regular probiotics for everyday health, and I can see that this could be a good routine to get into for improving immunity. This isn’t a miracle cure to instantly give you a flatter stomach, but probiotics will definitely do you some good from the inside out, so I would recommend adding them as a supplement to a healthy diet.

Visit the OptiBac website to find out more and order yours. Do you take probiotics?


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