chia seeds

Chia Seeds: the latest ‘super food’ to hit the UK

Move over acai, so long goji, there’s a new ‘super food’ in town.

They’ve been a fixture on many of my favourite blogs for a while now, but chia seeds have only recently been approved for use in the UK.

Previously just used as an ingredient in bread, we can now expect to see a wave of breakfast cereals, nut and seed mixes and snack bars containing this humble seed.

chia seeds
Chia Seeds

So what exactly is it that has experts hailing chia as a superfood? They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, minerals and anti-oxidants. Chia are also thought to help dieters feel fuller as they expand when mixed with liquid, possibly helping people to lose more weight.

While flaxseeds are similar in their nutritional properties, chia seeds fare better in that they don’t have to be ground down to be digested properly, and are also thought to taste better, with some saying they have a nutty aroma.

Patrick Holford spoke of the benefits of the seeds in his Secrets of Healthy Ageing talk at last weekend’s Vitality Show, and sells his own blend through Totally Nourish.

Holland and Barrett also sell these South American seeds both milled and whole as a bread ingredient.

Try yours mixed into porridge, cereal or yoghurt for a more sustainable breakfast, or sprinkle onto a salad or other dish – they can be eaten both sweet and savoury.

Have you tried chia or will you be putting this ‘super food’ to the test?


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