Cho Yung Tea

Can Tea help you to lose weight?

We all know that a healthy diet and exercise are key to weight loss, but could tea also help with shedding the pounds? According to the makers of Cho-Yung tea, the answer is yes.

This slimming tea contains a blend of herbs with oolong tea for a brew that can apparently help to double your weight loss. Several of the ingredients are said to help facilitate fat oxidation – burning the body’s fat as fuel. However you can’t just expect to eat junk food and still lose weight, the tea is simply a tool in assisting a balanced diet.Cho Yung Tea

So what exactly is it about the tea that helps to burn fat?

Lotus Leaf: to optimise digestion

Cassia Seeds: to support the internal organs

Southern Ginseng: a powerful antioxidant known as ‘the immortality herb’

Oolong Tea: a type of green tea that helps enhance the metabolism

It is recommended to supplement a healthy lifestyle with two cups of tea a day to lose weight, however this isn’t cheap. Each pack of 30 Cho-Yung tea bags costs £39.99, so this would come at a price of £79.98.

Would you use a tea to aid weight loss, or have you tried Cho-Yung tea?


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