Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato: Stay Strong Documentary

Last weekend I finally got round to watching Demi Lovato’s MTV documentary, Stay Strong.

The documentary aired in America at the start of March, and follows Demi as she embarks on her first tour since leaving rehab.

The 19-year-old Disney Alumnus had been battling against bulimia, self harm and bipolar disorder since she was 12, but is now in recovery after seeking treatment in 2010. Now, the singer and actress is talking about her own issues in a bid to spread the message and encourage others to get help.

Demi Lovato

I think it’s really inspirational that someone in the public eye has been brave enough to talk about eating disorders and would recommend the documentary to anyone who may be struggling with these issues or knows somebody who is.

Eating disorders are far too prevalent in our society and if Demi’s work can help people to get the help they need then that is fantastic!

You can watch the documentary online at MTV, or check out the trailer now.

Have you seen the Demi Lovato Stay Strong Documentary? What do you think about the message she is sending out to youngsters?


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