Patrick Holford

Patrick Holford launches final seminar tour

Patrick Holford is set to embark on his final tour this summer.

The nutritionist has published over 36 books in 27 languages, and travelled the world extensively in a bid to inform the masses about the importance of optimum nutrition over the past 30 years. However he announced his plans to retire in a recent newsletter to his subscribers.

Holford says: “The reason it’s my last tour as such is that my goal was to make sure that as many people as possible had access to nutritional strategies that really work for the main diseases, both physical and mental.

“To that end I’ve just finished my last book, a complete rewrite of Say No to Heart Disease, which will be out in September, and we have a Ten Secrets Cookbook that puts all the principles into delicious recipes, out in June.”

The Healthy Ageing Tour consists of 5 seminars and will be visiting various locations across the UK and Ireland from April 23.

12.30pm – Say no to Arthritis and Osteoporosis
2.00pm – Say no to Cancer, Infections and Allergies
3.30pm – How to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Balance your Mood
5.00pm – Say no to Diabetes, Heart Disease & control your weight
7.00pm – Ten Secrets of Healthy Ageing

If you’re interested in going along, the dates are below. Find out more information and book your tickets at Patrick Holford’s website.

Mon 23rd April: Leeds

Tue 24th April: Edinburgh

Thurs 26th April: Belfast

Sat 28th April: Dublin

Sun 29th April: Galway

Mon 30th April: Limerick

Tues 1st May: Cork

Wed 2nd May: Bristol

Fri 4th May: London

Sat 19th May: Guernsey

Sun 20th May: Jersey

Sat 26th May: London


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