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Munch to take part in the Great Birmingham Run!

Watching the London Marathon a few weeks ago, my friend and I were feeling inspired. I’ve wanted to take part in a marathon or half marathon for a couple of years now, and watching those thousands of people take to the streets for a gruelling 26.2 mile run gave me the motivation I needed to sign up for my own challenge.

I’m far from being marathon ready so I decided to sign up for the Bupa Great Birmingham Run (formerly the Birmingham Half Marathon), which takes place on October 21st.

With five and a half months to go, I have plenty of time to build up my stamina and am starting slow and steady with some shorter three-four mile runs, as I aim to improve my fitness. I’ll keep you updated as I progress over the next few months, as well as providing information about sports nutrition for any readers who may also be training for an event.

I’m looking forward to this challenge and will be running in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Have you ever ran a half marathon? Do you have any running tips to share


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