How many calories are in your favourite sandwich?

Saturday Crunch: the week’s top health & fitness stories

The Saturday Crunch has been away for a while, but I’m back with a roundup of some of the week’s most interesting health and nutrition reads…

Firstly I’m going to plug something I’ve written…a blog post for My Dairy Free Dream about the health benefits of going dairy-free. I’m going to be taking part in a dairy free jubilee baking competition in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes on their Facebook page for that!

Secondly, the people at Which? Have been investigating the nutrition in packaged sandwiches and found major differences between different shops and coffee shops, so your chicken sandwich in one retailer could contain over 200 calories more than another…(Daily Mail)

How many calories are in your favourite sandwich?
How many calories are in your favourite sandwich?

If you’re trying to shape up and tone your stomach then the plank is one of the most effective moves you can do. Here the Fitnessista shares 10 ways to plank and get a strong, toned core.

Now that I’ve signed up for the Great Birmingham Run, I’ve been looking into various running plans and advice, and stumbled across Zest magazine’s training plan – a good workout schedule for anyone training for a  half marathon.

Here on Munch in the last week I revealed my plans to run the half marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support, reviewed Tasty Little Numbers 100 calorie chocolate bar and revealed how you can get a body like Rihanna or Katy Perry in just 25 minutes a day.

Please let me know your thoughts on my latest posts and tweet me over at @munchforhealth. Have a great weekend!


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