My half marathon training pack for Bupa Birmingham Great Run

Half Marathon Training Update & Goals for July

At the start of June I shared my running goals for the month, with my main aim to be able to run 6 miles. I’m happy to say that I completed my goal and ran 10k in just over one hour.

According to Endomondo in the last four weeks, I’ve run 27.5 miles, with my best time being a mile in 6 minutes 27 seconds – I don’t know how I managed that!

My running has suffered a bit this month as I strained a muscle in my right calf which meant walking was painful let alone running. However after resting up, lots of baths to soak the muscle and trying to improve my warm up and cool down stretches, it seems to be much better.

My half marathon training pack for Bupa Birmingham Great Run

My Macmillan sponsorship and training pack has arrived with the running top I’ll be wearing on the day and it’s a definitely a motivator to keep training. I’m going away on holiday tomorrow so I doubt much running will be on the agenda, but when I’m back I’ll be getting straight back into the swing of things and following the training plan provided in my sponsorship pack.

With that in mind my goals for July are to stick to a proper schedule, watch my running technique to prevent more injury and reach at least 7 miles on a long run. With a week off it might be difficult but hopefully if I keep going slow and steady I can do it!

Do you follow a training plan when preparing for a race?


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