Six Weeks to OMG – the diet craze sweeping the UK

6 Weeks To OMGDon’t eat breakfast, fidget constantly and take daily ice baths…no you haven’t stumbled across a pro anorexia website, these are just some of the tips in the latest diet book to sweep the nation – ‘Six Weeks To OMG– Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends’ by Venice A Fulton (real name Paul Khanna).

Since its release this summer it has become a bestseller, knocking The Dukan Diet off the top of the charts and receiving coverage in the likes of Grazia magazine and The Guardian. But what sets this diet book apart from the countless others in the shops?

Six Weeks to OMG preys on the competitive nature of women, with the main aim of the book to make you the skinniest of your friends. While some of the advice stands true – you should fill up on vegetables and make sure you get enough sleep, some of the tips contradict many of the things we are told we need in order to be healthy.

Don’t eat breakfast –

We’re frequently told that we should eat breakfast in order to boost our metabolism and kick start the day. Personally breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and I truly believe it is an essential to get your morning off to a good start. Make a healthy, low GL breakfast choice at the start ofthe day and you’ll be less likely to give in to that sugar-laden muffin at 11 o’clock. Fulton’s reasoning is that your body fat is the ‘ultimate breakfast’, and while you don’t eat your body is relying on the fat as fuel, but how far are you going to get if you’re just running on black coffee?

Drink black coffee –

Drinking black coffee is recommended to aid weight loss
Drinking black coffee is recommended to aid weight loss

Ditch the milk, hold the sugar, if you’re a coffee lover it’s time to take it black. If you’re not, drink it anyway. According to Fulton, the caffeine in a cup of coffee will boost your metabolism, burn fat and give you energy. While a little coffee has been found to be beneficial to health and fatburning, the effects of so much caffeine are sure to affect your sleep – one of the things the author says is key to achieving a skinny frame. If you’re anything like me it’s sure to make you feel jittery too, but hey at least that will help you with the next tip!

Fidget –

A tip found on many pro ana sites, fidgeting may help you to burn a few more calories, but you can’t exactly sit at your desk wiggling and twitching all day. Your workmates will begin to hate you and not because they’re jealous of your new ‘skinny’ figure. Nope, it’s just annoying! Instead of squirming around in your chair all day just dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to doing some exercise – it could be a brisk walk, a jog or dancing, or anything that will get your heart rate up, burn some calories and help you on your way to weight loss.

Take a cold bath –

Taking cold baths may boost your metabolism
Taking cold baths may boost your metabolism

Prepare to chill, now it’s time to take a cold bath, around 20 degrees celsius.

“If you sit in that water, you’ll lose heat 25 times faster than if you were standing the same room temperature. That’s good because it forces your body to increase its metabolic rate and burn fat,” says Fulton.

These are just some of the tips featured in the book, and while they may help you to shed a few pounds in the short term I just don’t see how it can be sustainable or healthy to continue following this advice for longer periods. From what I can imagine you’d be malnourished, jittery and not actually looking very well!

Exercise regularly with a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, essential fats and low GL carbohydrates and you’ll set yourself on track for weight loss that you can keep off and will have you looking and feeling better than ever.

If you’re trying to lose weight, head over to my weight loss page for more advice, reviews and recommended reading including information about the low GL diet.

My verdict? Six weeks to OMG! is not the wayto go if you’re looking for long term weight loss.

Have you read Six Weeks to OMG? What do you think about the tips in the book?


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