Boot Camp In A Bottle with squash

Boot Camp In A Bottle

Boot Camp In A Bottle
Boot Camp In A Bottle

I was recently invited to trial Boot camp in a Bottle, a new meal replacement programme that helps slimmers to drop as much as a dress size in a week.

I don’t normally advocate systems like this as I believe a healthy balanced diet and exercise is the key to sustainable weight loss, however after discovering it’s approved by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and contains all the daily nutrients you need, I decided to put it to the test.

The fact that I was five days away from hitting the beach may have also had something to do with it!

Boot Camp in A Bottle is a powder predominantly made up of a blend of Psyllium fibres and natural clays that expand when they are put into water so they make you feel full with zero calories. Fortified with all your essential vitamins and minerals, it is recommended as a complete meal replacement plan with slimmers drinking 5 or 6 glasses a day, with the option of adding a low calorie soup if required.

I must say this is meant to be a seven day plan for people with a BMI of 25+ and is not designed to be continued long term. As my BMI is under 25 and I don’t have as much weight to lose I decided to instead just have it twice a day, replacing breakfast and my dinner, supplementing the drinks with healthy snacks and lunches.

I found that adding snacks was crucial as I tend to get lightheaded when my blood sugar drops so I don’t think I could have done it without actually eating anything! I put it to the test for four days in the run up to my holiday and this is what I found…

My Typical Day:


Hot water with lemon, 2 heaped teaspoons of BIAB mixed into one glass of water


Small handful of almonds


Mixed salad with tuna/ Vegetable crudités and houmous


Small pot of yoghurt


2 heaped teaspoons of BIAB mixed into one glass of water

I ate a bit more on the days when I exercised, adding more fruit and protein into my diet.

Boot Camp In A Bottle with squash
Boot Camp In A Bottle with squash

What does it taste like?

Tobe honest, I found BIAB didn’t really taste of much at all. When stirred into the water it gets a thick consistency, and I did find it got a bit lumpy at times when it settled. It reminded me of other effervescent tablets like aResolve or Alka Seltzer. After reading other people’s reviews I saw they suggested putting the powder into sugar-free squash or low calorie hot chocolate drinks to mix up the taste and I think this is a good idea if you were going to behaving it as a complete meal replacement to prevent boredom.

Is it filling?

Surprisingly, yes! I was a bit sceptic of whether a watery drink could keep me feeling full but it actually did. I had my ‘breakfast’ drink at around 7.30am and didn’t really feel hungry until around 10.30am which is when I normally start to feel a bit peckish after breakfast anyway.

After the first couple of drinks I had a strange feeling in my stomach, probably as I got used to the psyllium. Let’s remember psyllium is a concentrated source of fibre so it definitely kicks your digestive system into action!

As breakfast is my favourite meal of the day I did kind of miss my usual porridge or eggs, but found this and dinner were the most practical meals to replace as I didn’t want to take the BIAB into work.

Did You Lose Weight?

Now the important part, how much weight did I lose? Well it wasn’t the drastic drop a dress size like some of the slimmers, but I did lose two pounds in four days, which I didn’t think was bad considering I have a healthy BMI and still ate regular meals alongside the shakes. I imagine people having BIAB in a complete meal replacement plan would lose significantly more.

Would you recommend it?

Like I said, I don’t really recommend meal replacement plans as a substitute for a healthy diet but I do think BIAB could be a good way to kick start a diet if you’re overweight. Many people are spurred on by quick weight loss, so BIAB is good for this but I definitely don’t think it’s a sustainable measure.

My fault with the plan is that you are lacking the key proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats that are the basis of a healthy diet. As I wasn’t replacing all of my meals with the drinks, I ensured what I did eat was rich in protein and vegetables so I was still getting a good range of nutrients.

Personally I think this would be the best way to take the drinks. Obviously the results may not be as drastic but it is a healthier way of going about it. Perhaps swapping one meal or snack a day for BIAB will help you to cut calories and achieve a slower and possibly more sustainable weight loss.

If you are thinking of trying it out please consult a doctor or medical professional first, this is not advisable for everyone and is not an easy fix to weight loss. For more information on Boot Camp in a Bottle visit


11 thoughts on “Boot Camp In A Bottle

  1. I have ordered the boot camp in a bottle over 10 days ago, I got one email saying I would receive it within 7 days, still not got anything. I tried calling the number no one answers I leave a message and no one replys back, today I got an email saying my product will be dispatched on Monday, I tried calling to confirm this and left a message for Jeff Bradbury but again nothing. I believe it’s a con, I would seriously recommend other customers to be carful in placing an order with boot camp in a bottle, I have spoken with trading standards and they are looking in to it.

    1. I ordered mine on Sept 10th and have still not received anything. I’ve also tried contacting them but I get no reply. I’m now £40 down! I also believe it’s a con.

    2. Hi joanne,

      Its more than a month , my order is still not treacable.

      Could you please let me know if you have any other number to call.

  2. I’m excited to uncover this site. I wanted to thank you for your time due to this fantastic read!! I definitely liked every bit of it and i also have you book marked to see new things on your blog.

    Also visit my weblog free fitness (Thalia)

  3. I ordered this product over a month and a half ago and still haven’t received it yet. After 2 weeks they e-mailed me to say that there was a delay and I would receive another e-mail confirming when it would be delivered. About another 2 weeks later another e-mail was sent saying it would be delivered on Monday of this week, yet I am still waiting. I have tried calling several times but never get to talk to anyone (literally). I have also e-mailed to several e-mail addresses but they have never replied. I truly believe this is a con and I will never get that money back! I am going to try finding the guy David Cox and try contacting him!

    1. I have had the same experience as Iain. my order should have been here on Monday the 30th of September but I still haven’t got it. I have emailed with no reply. if anyone could tell me if they manage to get their money back or a reply from them could you please let me know.

  4. I ordered the product after speaking to James from the company and he assured me the product would be posted 2 weeks later. I never received anything and all emails and calls ignored.
    They are no longer at the address the company is registered at and have been reported to companies house for moving without notifying them and I have also opened a case with Paypal.
    The company owner is named David Cox , and his profile can be found on Facebook and Linkdin.

  5. this is a fraud company. I have ordered more than one month ago but still not received my order. I tried calling and mailing more than 100 times but did not get any response back.

  6. Hi SOmeone please let me know if i can take legal action on Boot Camp product as they cheated on me. I ordered online more than a months ago but they have not dispatched my order.
    Whenever i call to teh customer care it goes to voice mail.
    Request all of you to not make mistake like me.

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