MOVE IT! Team GB’s Olympic Training Regimes

What better time to launch my new series of fitness blogs than on the day that the Olympic Games start in London? In the new Move It posts on munch I’ll be reviewing fitness classes, DVDs and crazes, as well as any other fitness related features that come to mind!

As today marks the start of the London 2012 games after years of planning and anticipation, I thought I’d have a look at three of the Team GB competitors whose years of training will hinge on just a few short moments or seconds in the arena.

We’ve had so much focus on the problems that London 2012 will cause that it’s easy to overlook the incredible talent and determination these athletes have!

 Victoria Pendleton is a track cyclist for Team GBVictoria Pendleton


Team GB Track Cyclist and Olympic Gold Medal Holder (Beijing 2008)


Has been on a two-year intensive training and body conditioning programme in the lead up to the Olympics and says she is in the best shape of her life.

She says…

Victoria tells Zest magazine: “I arrive at the gym at ten o’clock in the morning and workout until 12:30, I start off with a gentle cycle on a stationary bike, thenI do power cleans and squats and then move on to my upper body, so pull ups and bench-presses and I finish with a core workout.

“Then it’s lunch, protein shakes, plenty of Gatorade and training on the track for three hours. It’s mainly short intense bursts, with full recovery between – that way I get maximum power output. People might watch and think ‘she’s not doing much’ but it’s very high intensity and full recovery.”

(Image source)

Jessica Ennis


Team GB Heptathlete


Trains six days a week with coach Tony Minichiello. He creates a new timetable every couple of weeks to focus on the different events that make up the heptathlon.

She says…

Jessica tells The Sun: “We always spend more time on the throwing events and a little bit more on the long jump. They’re my weaker events — they don’t come as naturally to me as running and jumping.”

“I like the hurdles and the high-jump, I’m a springy, speedy athlete so those suit me.”

(Image source)

Tom Daley will be diving for Team GBTom Daley


Team GB diver and the youngest ever British World Champion in any sport


Growing up in the public eye, Tom has had to balance his education with an intense training routine that involves at five hours training a day, six days a week, including a 50/50 split between gym and pool work.

 He says…

Tom tells The Guardian: “I do feel ready for it –like I could go into it now and do it. But it’s the waiting game. There’s nothing else to take your mind off it because the next thing really is the Olympic Games. That’s the scary bit.

“My dream is to win an Olympic gold medal. If Idive my best on the day it can happen. I really believe that.”

(Image source)

These are just three out of 542 competitors who make up Team GB. Here’s hoping they achieve their goals and win medals at their home games!

Will you be watching this year’s Olympics? Don’t forget to watch the official opening ceremony live on BBC1 tonight at 9pm!


4 thoughts on “MOVE IT! Team GB’s Olympic Training Regimes

  1. Victoria Pendleton does cleans but most of us mortals can’t nail a single clean. Not to worry my ‘Jessica Ennis Workout’ replaces these complex exercises with ones that anyone can perform and get similar benefits. Great Blog!

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