How To Find Time To Exercise

So you’re trying to lose weight and want to do some exercise, but between work, going out, running errands, looking after the kids(delete as appropriate) you just don’t have the time right? Wrong.

Regardless of your current lifestyle, almost everyone has some time to exercise, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day.

Wake Up Earlier:


An extra half hour in bed can seem so much more inviting than an early morning workout, but often getting out of bed is the hardest part. So many times I’ve found myself hitting snooze, however a quick run wakes me up a lot faster than five minute bursts of sleep interrupted by my alarm!

Not only does a morning workout wake you up, burn calories and leave the rest of your day clear, it will also boost your metabolism so you continue burning more calories for the rest of the day. Result!

Tabata Training:

Tabata training can be done in as little as 4 minutes


One of the latest fitness crazes, tabata or interval style workouts may be able to help you get fit in as little as four minutes a day. This isn’t a walk in the park though; think high intensity bursts of exercises including burpees and sprints, with a short recovery before you start again.

Everyone has five minutes to spare at some point in the day, so there are no excuses for not giving it a go! The Fitnessista has some great Tabata workout videos on her site, check them out here.

Incidental Exercise:

Try to increase your incidental exercise and take the stairs


Take the stairs instead of the lift…walk instead of drive…yep,they’re all clichés but they can work. Increasing the amount of incidental exercise you do won’t see you drop the pounds rapidly, but a little extra walking or moving about will burn a few more calories and increase your heart rate.

Switch Off:

Exercise in front of the tv


You say you don’t have time to exercise, but you still find time to sit down and watch Corrie…either drag yourself away from your usual viewing – you can always watch later on catch up – or try to do a bit of exercise while you watch and in the ad breaks. A few sit ups, tricep dips, pushups and squats are easy to do in your living room and don’t require any specialist equipment.

Get a Buddy:

Get a workout buddy for motivation

Having a workout buddy can make exercise a lot more fun and make you more accountable for your workout. If you know your friend is waiting for you, chances are you’ll be less likely to come up with an excuse to drop out. You can also challenge each other, have a catch up and keep each other motivated!

How do you find time to exercise?


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