munch half marathon training plan

Half Marathon Training Update & Goals for August

It’s now less than three months until the Bupa Great Birmingham Run and my training has come to a bit of a halt. I ended up having a two week break for my holiday, and then got back into the swing of things with a few three and four mile runs, and my epic training plan.

munch half marathon training planHowever since my last run nearly two weeks ago I’ve been left with persistent pain in my lower left leg, even while walking, and decided to visit a doctor to get it checked out. Apparently I’ve probably torn the muscle that runs alongside my shin and into my foot, so I’ll have to rest up for a little longer. Hopefully it won’t hold up my progress to much!

My goals for August are to get through the month injury free and increase my stretching and strengthening routine – I’ve bought a Pilates DVD to try and help with this. I’m also going to get a proper gait analysis done and invest in some better trainers to make sure that’s not part of my problem!

I’ve recently been sent some Good Hemp protein shakes to put to the test and I’m hoping they’ll help with my recovery when I’m up and running again.These are the only natural protein supplement that are free from soy and whey, so are suitable for vegans, vegetarians as well as many people with intolerances. I’ll keep you updated on how I get on with them, and write a full review soon, but if you want to try them out for yourself you can order some Good Hemp online here.

How do you deal with running injuries?


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