Sunday Supplements – Healthspan

This week’s Sunday Supplements post differs slightly to the others, instead of sharing information about supplements, I’m going to share tips of where to get them from. I recently discovered Healthspan, an online retailer that sells good quality supplements at affordable prices.


I had wanted to try Chromium Picolinate for a while after reading that it can help with balancing blood sugar levels and insulin, and I had also been on the lookout for a high quality multivitamin for vegetarians after discovering I was deficient in some minerals, so I ordered both online at Healthspan.

Not only was the order process fairly quick and easy, the supplements were delivered within a week and without all the bulky packaging that comes with too many online orders. Each package was delivered separately in a sleek cardboard package that fit the product it contained. Another bonus is that these supplements come in rectangular blisterpacks or packaging that are tailored for delivery as they fit through your letter box and are easy to store.

While high street chemists and health shops tend to sell a wide range of supplements and natural remedies, many often contain added ingredients like sugars, bulking agents and lactose to make them taste better or last longer. The supplements I got from HealthSpan are entirely natural and high quality, plus they are affordable.

If you’re looking for nutritional supplements then I definitely recommend checking out their website.


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