What does Victoria Pendleton eat?

Eating For Gold: The Diet Secrets of Team GB Cyclist Victoria Pendleton

Alongside Jessica Ennis, Victoria Pendleton is one of the most well-known faces of Team GB. The 31-year-old cyclist has had an impressive career which has already seen her secure a gold medal in the Olympic games. We’ve taken a look at her training regime – a gruelling 5-6 hours a day on the track and in the gym – so what does she eat to sustain it?

What does Victoria Pendleton eat?

Victoria tells Zest magazine: “I really struggle to put weight on and nutritionists are always saying ‘Vicky, you need more muscle mass’. The problem is I can’t have a massive lunch because I have to then go into a training session and push myself to the limit so there’s no time for the food go down.”

The cyclist reveals that she takes lots of supplements so she gets what she needs for energy without feeling like she’s eaten too much.

Protein recovery shakes are important to her nutrition plan and she also drinks a lot of high carbohydrate drinks like Gatorade.

Victoria is aware that good nutrition is a part of her job so tries to get enough of the right calories throughout the day and ensures she gets her B Vitamins to help release the energy.

While she doesn’t like to eat too much during the day, Victoria admits that she loves pudding and finds it hard not to have something sweet after her evening meal.

“It just doesn’t feel complete without a bit of chocolate, or a couple of biscuits. I like baking as well, and once you’ve made it you’ve got to try it!” she says.

Victoria’s healthy and balanced approach to eating looks like it’s serving her well as she has become a cycling champion at the London 2012 games!


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