Celebrity Diets: Una Healy

Despite giving birth to daughter Aoife Belle earlier this year, The Saturdays’ singer Una Healy seemingly snapped straight back to her slim size eight figure, much to the envy of many women. However Una has escaped fad diets to shed those pregnancy pounds, preferring to eat a healthy balanced diet. No great secret, but possibly a relief to all mothers out there feeling the pressure to lose their baby weight!

Una Healy shows off her bikini body

Here’s what an average day in the diet of Una Healy looks like…

Breakfast: A glass of orange juice followed by a cup of tea with soya milk, and granola with soya yoghurt.

Snack: Banana

Lunch: Chicken noodle soup or ham salad

Snack: Cashew nuts

Dinner: Grilled salmon with broccoli, whole wheat pasta and a splash of soy sauce

Una says that she prefers snacking on fresh fruit to sweets and the naughtiest it gets is a bag of crisps. So with her clean diet combined with a busy lifestyle as a new mother and one-fifth of Britain’s biggest girl group it’s no surprise that Una managed to get her pre-pregnancy figure back so quickly! No fads, no fuss, just simple healthy eating.

What do you think of Una Healy’s diet? For more celebrity diets features click here.


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