Start living the life you imagine

Do You Make New Season Resolutions?

September is here and much like New Year’s Eve I find that this time of year is synonymous with fresh starts and new beginnings. My school, college and uni days are behind me now (sigh), but the onset of autumn still evokes that back-to-school feeling that makes me take stock of my life and what I want to achieve.

It may not be conventional but the end of summer can be a good time to re-address those long forgotten New Year’s Resolutions, and set new season resolutions at a time when we’re not suffering from the post Christmas comedown.

Whether it’s looking for a more fulfilling job, finally putting that gym membership into use or losing weight before the festive season, why not think of some achievable goals for the new season?

Start living the life you imagine


For me September sees me moving into a new flat and I’ve already signed up to a new gym in a bid to build my overall fitness aside from running. I’m also hoping to continue working on the redesign of munch, and just generally start to settle down into a bit of a routine. For various reasons this will be my fourth (!) home since I moved to London nearly two years ago, so it would be nice to finally feel settled somewhere for longer than just a few months and start to focus more on other things.

Will you be setting any goals for autumn?


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