REVIEW: GOOD Hemp Protein Diet Shake

I was recently sent a few GOOD Hemp protein powders to tryout. Having recently written about the importance of protein in one’s diet I was interested to put these powders to the test – especially as they’re an all natural source of complete protein.

Made from Hemp (obviously), the GOOD Hemp range includes powders for all targets – whether it is weight loss, refuelling after exercise or women’s health. All of the products are rich in Omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids, plus are free from dairy, soy, gluten and contain no artificial colours or flavouring.

The first shake I tried out was the Strawberry flavoured Diet Shake. Targeted at women, this protein powder is designed to be drunk in place of a snack twice a day.

GOOD Hemp Diet Shake

I have to say, the first thing that struck me when I opened this up was the colour – strawberry Nesquik it is not – the dark green shade didn’t exactly look appetising, but I took this as reassurance that the protein is free of artificial colours and ingredients as promised.

On the packaging it’s suggested that you mix one 30g scoop of powder with 250ml water in your shaker for a light protein shake that may help to aid slimming. However I found that this didn’t really offer the creamy strawberry flavour I was expecting, so I preferred to mix it with dairy-freec oconut milk for a more milkshake like taste. Obviously this adds more calories but has the added benefits of extra essential fatty acids and protein.

The Taste:

Good Hemp Diet Shake does have a mild strawberry flavour but it’s not overly tasteful. I did find it had a somewhat chalky texture but kept shaking it up to keep it smooth. I definitely preferred it mixed with milk substitutes rather than water – and also put it to use in other foods.

The Nutritional Stats:

Each 30g scoop of Good Hemp Diet Shake contains 110 calories and 10g of protein – so it packs a protein punch for relatively low calories. Mixed with 200ml dairy-free coconut milk like I tried adds around another 40 calories, however I think this probably helps it to be more filling and it is still a relatively low calorie snack.

How I used it:

I found that I preferred finding other uses for my Diet Shake rather than just drinking it – taking cues from other bloggers I mixed it into my porridge for a power breakfast that was rich in protein, slow releasing carbohydrates and fatty acids for a filling meal that kept me full from 7.30am until my lunch at 2pm. That never happens! The green hue didn’t make for the most appetising looking breakfast but once I got past that it was all good.

Does it work?

To be honest I didn’t follow the recommended eating plan from GOOD Hemp to see if the diet shake would be effective as a slimming aid, however I do think that it could be effective. Used as a substitute to high calorie, high sugar snacks it will help to keep you full between meals for relatively few calories. Or if you add it to meals as I did, you may be consuming a higher calorie breakfast but it will keep you fuller for longer and may help you to reduce the number of calories you eat throughout the rest of the day.

One 500g tub of Good Hemp protein costs £19.99.


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