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Happy Hour Secrets: How Many Calories Are In Your Favourite Cocktails?

Ah Happy Hour! Those after work and weekend drinks are good for our social lives, but not always good for the waistline. However you can still enjoy a tipple without ruining your diet, it just takes some clever perusal of the cocktail menu. Here’s a guide to how many calories are in some of the most popular cocktail picks…



Crisp and refreshing, Mojitos are a cocktail classic. They’re saintly compared to some cocktails with around 160 calories per drink, but that spoonful of sugar drops a few points. Why not try a slim line Mojito? Swap the sugar for agave syrup and top up with soda water.



Ever since Carrie and co knocked them back in Sex and The City, Cosmos have been synonymous with glamour and sophistication. At 150 calories per tiny glass, the calories could soon add up, but they’re not a bad choice when you’re drinking in moderation.

 Pina Colada:


Often served in a fresh pineapple, a Pina Colada practically counts as one of your five a day right? Well…maybe until they add that creamy coconut milk and rum. A typical Pina Colada contains 644 calories. That’s 64% of your daily calorie allowance if you take advantage of a two for one!*

(*Based on the daily 2000 calorie guideline for women)

 Long Island Iced Tea:


Rum, vodka, tequila, gin and triple sec, not only is this drink seriously strong, it also packs a calorific punch thanks to the five spirits and full-fat coke mixer. A mind blowing 780 calories per drink, that’s the equivalent to a 9 inch margherita pizza! Avoid if you want to keep a slim figure (and a clear head).

 What’s your favourite cocktail?


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