Keep Out The Cold: Immune-Boosting Tips for Autumn-Winter

As autumn has fully arrived, so too it seems has the onslaught of the common cold. With so many people around coughing and sneezing it can be difficult to avoid getting rundown, but you can boost your immune system with these simple tips and tricks.

 Easy as A, B, C:

Eat a salad rich in iron and vitamin C


It’s crucial to get the right balance of vitamins and minerals to ensure your immune system is strong. We all know vitamin C is a good way to beat a cold, so make sure you get your fix with vitamin C rich fruit and vegetables including oranges and peppers. Also try to ensure you’re getting enough Iron, as this is vital to get oxygen to your cells and give you energy. The good news is that Vitamin C helps with Iron absorption so try and combine the two together when you can. Think a salad that includes Iron rich spinach, red and yellow peppers for Vitamin C, and a sprinkle of Sunflower seeds for essential fatty acids, protein and vitamin E for an all round health booster.

 Drink up:

Drink water to flush out toxins

Water will not only keep you hydrated but also help to flush out toxins in your body, so be sure to drink at least two litres a day.

Love your Liver:

Lemon juice in hot water will alkalise the body

The liver is one of our most crucial organs, responsible for eliminating toxins from the body in our own natural detoxification process. Give it a helping hand with a mug of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning. This will kick start your digestive system, while the lemon helps to alkalise the body and flush out any toxins. Also while you’re feeling ill try to eat as naturally as possible, avoiding caffeine, alcohol and processed foods. Your body has enough to deal with without the added pressure of foods and drinks that wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels.


Go Pro:

Optibac probiotics for Daily Immunity

I’d always recommend people take probiotics to give your digestive system a helping hand, but when you have a cold it’s even more important. Acidophilus will help your digestive system to maintain and build the levels of good bacteria that will keep the bad bacteria at bay. If you’ve been put on antibiotics, then probiotics become even more important – once you’ve finished your course of medication, try an extra strength probiotic like OptiBac Daily Immunity to help rebalance your gut flora and avoid further illness.


Echinacea is good for a cold

This natural supplement has been found to halve the risks of getting a cold by boosting the body’s immune system. If you’re unlucky enough to have already caught a cold, it is also effective in reducing the duration of the illness as well as lessening symptoms cough, headache and nasal congestion. Sold? Thought so…get yourself down to Holland and Barrett for a full range of Echinacea products including vitamins, tea and effervescent drinks.

So with just a few simple diet tweaks you can boost your immune system and hopefully avoid catching a cold this winter!


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