BOOK REVIEW: Honestly Healthy

I have a stack of cookery books that rarely get looked at, yet alone used, but I’ve recently discovered a book that seems to be an exception to the rule. Honestly Healthy, by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson, was published earlier this year and centres on the importance of eating more alkaline foods.

As you probably know, the food we eat is either acidic or alkaline based on its pH levels. For optimum health ideally we would all be in an alkaline state, however in our modern lifestyles many of us end up being tipped off balance and more acidic.

Honestly Healthy

Honestly Healthy explains this fine balance to us, including why it’s beneficial to our bodies to eat more alkaline foods, listing the alkalinity of various foods as well as an extensive selection of delicious vegetarian recipes.

Aside from the tasty meals, enticing photography and useful information, what I love about this book is that it’s not touted as a diet, as it so well could have been. Instead the focus is on improving health with any weight loss as a welcome side effect. There are cleanse and lifestyle food plans featured in the book, but these are intended to help people to shift from an acidic to alkaline balance, and learn how to use the recipes in everyday life.

So, what foods can you expect to find? All of the meals are vegetarian and comprised of natural ingredients, but these dishes are anything but bland. These colourful and tasty meals will be a hit with anyone, vegetarian or not, and there are even some dishes that taste a little naughty, too.

To date I’ve experimented with the grilled aubergine topped with cashew nut pesto, served with sweet tomato tabouleh (surprisingly filling and easy to make), Jewelled Quinoa (great to cook in advance for a nutritious packed lunch), and the Butternut Squash soup (fast becoming a staple meal for these cold winter evenings).

Honestly healthy grilled aubergine

All of the dishes are easy to make and packed with natural flavour from the herbs, spices and clever combinations of ingredients. Next on my list has to be the chocolate brownies, with sweet potato as a secret healthy addition.

For more information about the book or to order your own copy, visit the Honestly Healthy website and order online at Amazon.

UPDATE: Victoria Beckham has tweeted about her love of the Honestly Healthy cookbook, we’re in good company!

Victoria Beckham Honestly Healthy


Have you read Honestly Healthy?


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