Five Ways to Use Coconut Oil

It’s been getting a lot of attention due to celebrities like Miranda Kerr expressing their love of it, but just what are the benefits of Coconut Oil, and what should you be using it for?

coconut oil

Weight Loss:

Oil that helps you lose weight? It may seem unfeasible, but coconut oil is rich in polyunsaturated fats which are actually used as energy rather than stored as fat. This means it can actually be used as an aid to healthy weight loss. Make like Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr who credits her slim figure and vitality to putting coconut oil in her green tea.

If I eat Coconut Oil could I look this good?!
If I eat Coconut Oil could I look this good?!

Hair Mask:

If your hair is showing the effects of the drying cold weather, central heating and hair-frazzling heat styling, then coconut oil could help bring it back to life. Comb through the tips of hair and sleep on it, then simply wash out the next day for smooth, glossy locks


Much like its restorative hair properties, coconut oil also makes a great moisturiser for parched skin. Free from parabens, alcohol and other chemicals, it’s the ultimate natural beauty product.

Candida Control:

Anyone who’s suffered with Candidiasis will know just how painful and energy zapping it can be, but coconut oil can help. The supplement Caprylic Acid is made from the medium-chain fatty acids found in coconuts, while cooking with coconut oil is another way of upping your does of this Candida killing fat.

Biocare Mycopryl Caprylic Acid
Biocare Mycopryl Caprylic Acid

Anti-fungal skin cream:

If you suffer with fungal skin infections like pitryasis versicolour, jock itch and other rashes, coconut oil could well be your skin soother. As these are caused by a yeast overgrowth on the skin, the oil’s anti-fungal properties can soon get these back in control and ease your rash.

I like Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil, available in health foods stores including Planet Organic.

How do you use Coconut Oil?


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