Currently Munching…9bars

I’m always on the look out for different, healthy snacks to try but find they’re often not very filling and leave my stomach rumbling just a little while later. This isn’t the case with my latest obsession; 9bars. I first tried these a couple of years ago, but have noticed they’re more widely available in supermarkets these days so there are no excuses to miss out!

Made from a mix of healthy seeds including pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and poppy seeds, these wholefood bars make a great energising snack choice, particularly for active people. I tend to stick to the Original bar which has a Carob topping, that gives a sweet chocolatey taste with less of the sugar, but love the peanut bar too.

9 bar

Due to the mixed seeds that form 9bars they are relatively high in calories with 277 calories in each 50g original bar. However these are not ’empty’ calories like those you would get in a similar size chocolate bar. The blend of seeds with honey and carob provides a slow releasing energy fix that will keep your blood sugar levels stable and avoid that addictive sugar cycle.

There are around 12g of sugar in a bar, but compare this to a Mars bar which has a similar calorie count but a whopping 35g sugar per bar and you will see that the 9bar is the better choice. These wholefood bars also have the benefit of containing nearly 10g protein, which will slow down the release of the sugars and again keep you feeling fuller for longer. In short, the perfect healthy snack!

Sold? You can buy 9bars online or in many leading supermarkets.

Have you tried 9bars?


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