Blue Monday: How to cheer up the most depressing day of the year

So apparently today is the most depressing day of the year, a statement that will have you crawling back under the bed covers before you’ve even started your daily routine.

According to researchers, the combination of pitiful bank balances, cold and short days, plus those failed New Year’s resolutions culminate in one miserable day. But don’t despair! Help is at hand with these tips to cheer up Blue Monday, and just the winter blues in general.

Eat Happy Foods:

Porridge from BBC Good Food

Funnily enough, you won’t find happiness at the bottom of the biscuit tin but get munching on these serotonin and tryptophan rich foods and you’re sure to feel a little lift.

Oats – warming and filling, start your day with a bowl of porridge for an energising breakfast that will keep you going through the challenge of getting up and out of the door on Blue Monday.

Dark Chocolate – Yep, we all know chocolate makes us happy, but now science proves it. A little chocolate fix will provide you withserotonin and release endorphins. Stick to over 75% cocoa for less sugar and greater health benefits, or try a sprinkle of cacao nibs on your porridge for double the benefit.

Salmon – wild cold water fish like salmon are rich in vitamin D, essential fatty acids, selenium and B-vitamins for a much-needed energy and mood boost. For many of us a lack of vitamin D in winter is central to our low mood, so try and get as many dietary sources as possible.

Think Happy Thoughts:


I’m not going to get all new age on you, but taking some time out of your day to think about what’s good in your life and what you’re grateful for is sure to cultivate some happy thoughts. Do you have a great relationship, good job or a roof over your head? Then count yourself lucky. Blue Monday may not be your favourite day of the year, but just think of all the good times to come. Summer is only 69 days away!

Get Active:


It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways of boosting your mood, so don’t just lie around all day moping – get moving! Whether it’s a gym session or just a brisk 30-minute walk, it doesn’t matter. A good workout will release mood-lifting endorphins that will leave you on a high for the rest of the day.

See, Blue Monday isn’t all bad! What do you do to get out of a bad mood?


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