Five of the best non-dairy milks

If you don’t eat dairy, whether through health or ethical reasons, negotiating the non-dairy milk alternatives can be difficult at first. With so many new products constantly coming on to the supermarket shelves, it’s hard to know which to choose.

Many people head straight to soy milk as it’s most widely available and acknowledged as a dairy alternative, however this may not be the best choice for everyone. (Check out my post, The Great Soy Debate for more information). So here’s the munch overview to five of the best non-dairy milks available in most leading supermarkets.

1) Rice Milk

Rice Dream Organic Rice Milk

Hypoallergenic and low in calories, rice milk is a surprisingly tasty alternative to dairy. While it may not be as creamy as some dairy substitutes, it’s the ideal choice for people with food sensitivities and works well in both food and drinks. My favourite is Rice Dream Original – as a member of their Dream Team you might expect me to say that, but it really is a great choice and can be easily found in the free from aisles of many supermarkets.

Alpro have also recently launched their own rice milk but I’m yet to try it – let me know if you have!

Check out my full Rice Dream review here.

2) Coconut Milk

Kara coconut milk

If, like me, you prefer a creamy milk alternative in your tea or coffee then give coconut milk a go. While some people may be put off by the coconut taste, I can assure you it’s not strong at all and just adds an interesting sweetness to your drinks. This is one of the few non-dairy milks I would drink on its own. Coconut milk also has the added benefits of being rich in medium chain monounsaturated fatty acids that provide a number of health benefits. To find out more, read my review of Kara Coconut Milk here.

3) Almond Milk

Alpro are launching both Almond and Hazelnut milks
Alpro have launched both almond and hazelnut milks

Almond is another favourite milk substitute, that has become more widely available in the UK over the last year or so. With a mild, nutty taste it’s a good source of calcium, vitamin E, and vitamin B12 amongst others – a nutrient that is commonly lacking in the diets of vegetarians and vegans. Be sure to look at the nutritional stats as almond milk can sometimes be quite high in sugar. For unsweetened almond milks look to Alpro and Almond Breeze. Click here for my review of Alpro Almond milk.

4) Oat Milk

Oatly Oat Milk

For a lighter drink, oat milk is ideal. Rich in fibre and beta glucan, a cholesterol reducing nutrient, the unsweetened drink works well with cereals, porridge and hot drinks. Look out for Oat Dream or Oatly Oat Milk, which I have reviewed here.

 5) Hazelnut Milk

Alpro are launching both Almond and Hazelnut milks
Alpro have launched both almond and hazelnut milks

I love Alpro Hazelnut Milk as a more indulgent feeling drink, either alone or in hot drinks. Like almond milk it is fortified with calcium, vitamin B2, B12, D and E, and is relatively low in calories – 29 per 100ml. With a natural sweetness it will add a nutty taste to your coffee, cereal or porridge. Read my review here.

Do you use non-dairy milks? What’s your favourite milk alternative?


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