REVIEW: Yoosli Muesli

Love muesli but wish that you could create your own mix with only ingredients that you like? Now you can! Yoosli is an innovative online brand that allows you to create your perfect breakfast from their array of bases and toppings.

From spelt flakes to chocolate chips, you can be as saintly or as sinful as you like – just take your pick from the flavours available. The bonus is that many of the grains are gluten and wheat free, so it’s ideal for anyone with allergies and intolerances who may struggle to find commercial cereals that they can eat.

The team at Yoosli HQ kindly sent over a selection of their ready-prepared muesli boxes to sample, and I was pretty excited when I collected this from the post office!


As a cereal fiend and with a bit of a sweet tooth, it was the Choco Wonder that grabbed my attention first. Sure, it may be sweeter than I would normally pick up in the supermarket, with 16g of sugar per 50g portion, but it makes a great breakfast treat on those days where it’s a struggle to get out of bed. This mix included chocolate chips, oats and soured cherries for an indulgent tasting, yet nutritious breakfast.


Muesli isn’t always the most filling of breakfasts, but packed with protein-rich cashew nuts and dried strawberries, the Yoosli Fill me up til Lunchtime mix did what it said on the box. I enjoyed this with yoghurt or even dry as a quick snack.

Still waiting for me to try are the Tropical Triumph blend (with coconut flakes, oat flakes and dried banana), Golden Oldies (with apple cinnamon clusters and hazelnuts) and the Superfood Health Kick box (with rye, spelt and oat flakes topped with figs, plums and dates). If they’re anything like the others, they’re definitely going to be a hit.

To find out more about Yoosli and order your own box visit

What would you put in your ideal muesli mix?


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