The Student Life: How To Beat Fresher’s Flu

Fresher’s Flu seems to be an inevitable part of Uni life with many students spending those initial lectures sniffing, coughing and sneezing (if they make it at all). However there are a few things you can do to try and keep Fresher’s Flu at bay, or resist getting so ill you can’t enjoy yourself!


Eat a salad rich in iron and vitamin C

I could just write that and stop there – good nutrition is crucial when trying to keep bugs at bay. A standard student diet of chips, kebabs and beer are not going to support a healthy immune system, so try to cook at home as much as possible with a range of fruit or vegetables in every meal.

You may think it’s expensive to eat healthy foods, but with some savvy shopping you’ll see that it costs less and is more satisfying than your takeaway.


Drink water to flush out toxins

Late nights, alcohol and a busy schedule will take their toll on your body so make sure you keep hydrated! Try to drink around two litres of water a day – more if you’re hungover or exercising – it will help you feel fresh and flush toxins out of your system.

Save spending on bottles of mineral water and invest in a Bobble bottle, which you can top up with tap water on the go.



There’s no doubt about it, Fresher’s week is pretty hectic, but it’s important to take some time out to rest and ensure you’re getting enough sleep. A 20 minute power nap is a student’s best friend to allow your body to restore, re-energise and fight off any bugs!



A supplement is by no means a replacement for healthy eating, but taking a high quality multivitamin alongside a balanced diet can help to support your body and ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals.

A probiotic will also help to keep your gut flora in balance and hopefully prevent any nasty stomach bugs or illness.

We recommend Optibac Probiotics, available in our store!


It’s not the most fun of fresher’s activities, but keeping on top of your chores like laundry and cleaning will help to kill off any bugs and keep you feeling fresh. Avoid the scruffy student cliché and wash daily while you’re at it. It may seem obvious, but from previous experience it’s not something that a lot of students seem to do!

Do you have any tips of how to beat Fresher’s flu?


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