The Student Life: How To Eat Well On A Budget

Money may be tight at Uni, but before you stock up on multi-packs of crisps, frozen chips and dubious supermarket savings, know that it is possible to eat well on a budget. All it takes is a bit of planning so you can eat well, save money and avoid piling on the fresher’s pounds.

Here’s the Munch guide of how to eat well on a budget.


Shopping List

Take time out at the start of the week or before you’re due to go shopping to think about what you’re going to be doing over the next few days and plan your meals accordingly. As I’ve already said, cooking from scratch is a great way to save money, so check out a cookbook like The Student Cookbook (Cookery) to plan some quick and tasty meals for the week ahead.

Going prepared with a shopping list means you won’t forget anything and will (hopefully) be less tempted to buy anything else that you don’t need.


basics food

You may be used to eating branded goods at home, but supermarket own brands like Sainsbury’s Basic are a good alternative when you have less cash to spend. You won’t notice a difference in taste but you will notice a difference at the checkout!

3)      GO TO MARKET

Visit your local market or greengrocers for fruit and vegetables

As a student you’re likely to have a little more time on your hands, so shop around for a bargain when you get chance. Look to your local greengrocers or market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, and you’re likely to save on supermarket prices.

4)      SHOP LATE

Looking to save cash? Go shopping in the evening a couple of hours before closing and you’re likely to find a good few bargains with reductions on stock that goes off that day. Treat yourself to an indulgent dinner or stock up and freeze things you’re not planning to eat that day – just keep an eye on any use by dates and cooking instructions!

5)      COOK IN BULK

Set aside some time to cook a few meals or a big batch of one meal that you can reheat throughout the week. Not only will it save you money on ready meals or eating out, but it will also save you time on those days where the last thing you want to do is cook.

What are your top money saving tips for students?


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