REVIEW: Bonjour French Food

The love of food subscription boxes shows no sign of dying down anytime soon, but recently I was able to try an interesting new take on the concept. Bonjour French Food is a unique new subscription box that delivers authentic French cuisine to your door each month.

Bonjour French Food

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the box as my own experience of French food doesn’t stretch further than the standard croissants, Brie and macaroons, but cliché this wasn’t. The first box contained an eclectic mix of products including a dry cured sausage, crackers and a terrine. As a pescetarian not all of this appealed to me, but one thing that definitely did was the chocolate cake mix from Marlette. Healthy it may not be, but I like the idea that this service provides a little indulgent and unexpected treat each month.

Overall I really like the concept of Bonjour French Food. It offers an innovative take on the subscription box service that is perfect for expats or just fans of French food. Fussy eaters may not find all of the products to their taste but I’d say it’s definitely worth a try if you want to discover some new culinary treats!

For more information visit Bonjour French Food’s website.

Would you try a subscription service like this?


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