Top 5 ways to prevent a cold this winter

Discover ways to prevent a cold this winter with these top tips from online chemists Medicines2U…

While the winter months may bring Christmas joy and festivities with them, they also bring a plethora of colds, flus and bugs that can make us feel less than ourselves. However, there are some measures you can take that will help you avoid getting poorly. Here’s just a few of them:

Get vaccinated

If you manage to catch the flu, it can put you completely out of action. Not only will you feel tired, you will have numerous aches and pains, as well as a seemingly never-ending stream from your nose.

Vaccinations are available that can help you fight off the virus. Your eligibility for the flu jab depends on a number of factors, so make sure you do your research before heading to the doctors. The NHS site is a great place to start.

As the flu virus has the ability to mutate and change, relying on last year’s vaccination could leave you open to infection from a different strain, so always make sure that you are up to date.

Avoid the infected

This tip may seem a little harsh on the surface, but it is a really easy way to reduce your chances of catching a cold.

If one of your family members is sick, sleep in a different room to them to prevent them from breathing on you and passing their germs on.

A lot of us insist that we are fine when we are sick and drag ourselves into work, but doing so puts our colleagues at risk. If you are really unwell, stay off work – it will benefit your health as well as those around you.

Get enough sleep


While you’re asleep, your body is given time to recuperate, repairing any damage and working to rebuild your immune system. As The Guardian recently reported, a lack of sleep can affect the genes that govern the way your immune system works, making you more vulnerable to illness and infection.

Try to get the recommended eight hours’ sleep a night, to give your immune system a fighting chance of protecting you.

Keep it clean

Cleanliness is of vital importance when it comes to reducing your chance of catching a cold and flu. Always remember to wash your hands after going to the toilet and bin used tissues to help prevent the spread of infection.

Prepare for the worst

Even with the best precautionary methods in place, you can still fall ill. Having to drag yourself out of bed on a quest for medication is not ideal when you’re feeling under the weather. However, this isn’t your only option. Medicines2U is an online chemist, stocking a range of cold and flu tablets. You can order everything you need over the internet and have it delivered direct to your door, so you won’t even have to leave your bed.

Remember to drink lots of water too, to help replenish the liquids that are lost through your body while you’re fighting the infection.

How do you try to prevent a cold?


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