Five Healthy Hangover Cures

It’s the morning after the night before and you’ve got that dry-mouth-pounding-head-incessant-nausea thing going on – we’ve all been there! Before you even think about venturing out to the nearest McDonalds or greasy spoon, give these healthy hangover cures a try and you’ll be feeling fresh in no time.


Scrambled Egg

There’s a reason why so many of us crave eggs after a few drinks – these contain cysteine, a protein that your body converts into a toxin-busting antioxidant. Pair with wholegrain carbs like oatcakes or a slice of toast to kickstart your metabolism and help your liver get to work on processing the alcohol.



If you drank your body weight in vodka/wine/champagne (delete as appropriate), but forgot to have a few glasses of water between, it’s time to get rehydrating! Your body loses excess water when you’ve been drinking so be sure to keep sipping on water throughout the day, and avoid dehydrating further by steering clear of caffeinated drinks.


vita coco

Coconut water is the health drink du jour, and for good reason! This natural water will help to restore electrolytes including potassium that could have been lost as you drink. Stock up before your night out for a healthy hydration fix.

I love Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water, available in the Munch store!



Now’s not the time for carb-fearing; eating a portion of unrefined carbs like oatcakes, rye bread or brown rice will provide slow-releasing energy to see you through the hangover and settle your stomach. Scrambled eggs on toast, anyone?


vit b

Alcohol depletes your vitamin B1 levels, explaining that banging headache you get the morning after. Take a fizzy vitamin B tablet like a Berocca or try eating foods rich in vitamin B like some vegetables (spinach, peppers, baked potatoes), wholegrains and nuts and seeds.

What’s your favourite hangover cure?


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