Five Reasons NOT To Diet

I’ve said it before, and no doubt I’ll say it again, but if you’re looking to lose weight and get healthy this year then dieting is not the answer. Sure that initial buzz when you see the scales shift suggests otherwise, but hopefully these five reasons not to diet will make you think again!



How many times have you heard people say that they can’t eat certain foods because of the strict diet they are following? Too many. The majority of diets focus on what you can’t eat to lose weight, making people feel like a failure if and when they eventually do slip up. Instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t be eating, try putting an emphasis on all the healthy treats you can enjoy. Try to eat well at least 80 per cent of the time and don’t deny yourself the occasional treat. When you know you can have that chocolate bar, it doesn’t always seem as tempting as when it is forbidden on your latest diet.



So you’ve lived off an all-protein-no-carb diet for the last two months and you’ve finally reached your goal weight – what now? If you choose to end the diet and resume your former eating habits the pounds are sure to creep steadily on, but you can’t keep counting calories/ carb-fearing/ food obsessing forever.

This is why it’s so much better to make healthy eating a way of life, not a diet. No restrictions, no calorie counting, sustainable results.


serial dieter

According to a survey by Hovis, the average woman has been on 61 diets from the age of 16, proving my second point – they don’t last! So many diets rely on unrealistic and unsustainable ideas, which as I’ve said must ultimately come to an end. This usually means the diet-cycle continues with desperate slimmers starting the next diet of the moment in a bid to shed the excess pounds.

You can, however, maintain a healthy weight if you eat well the majority of the time. Enjoy fresh, whole foods, exercise regularly and you will maintain a figure that’s realistic and healthy for you.


water weight

When you follow a strict diet you’re likely to see some dramatic results within the first couple of weeks, which will no doubt spur you on to continue eating this way. However the majority of this weight loss will be water, and not the fat you want to be burning.

True weight loss will be at a slower, steadier rate with 2lbs a week the maximum you should really lose in a week. Sure it might take you a bit longer to reach your goal weight, but chances are you’ll stay there longer too.

Do you follow diets? What other reasons do you have not to diet?


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