Cameron Diaz Releases The Body Book

Move over Gwyneth, there’s a new celebrity on the scene ready to steal your ‘lifestyle guru’ crown. Yep, Cameron Diaz is the latest Hollywood actress to release a lifestyle book, saying that she wants “people to be healthy and live their life to the fullest.”

The actress has teamed up with Sandra Bark to share her nutrition and exercise guidance in The Body Book, a tome through which she hopes to empower women.

the body book by Cameron Diaz

Instead of taking a holier-than-thou tone, Cameron is first to admit that she hasn’t always been focused on her health, writing in her book: “If you are what you eat, I was a bean burrito with extra cheese and extra sauce, no onions.”

Now she advocates eating whole foods that are ‘close to their natural form’, and said that her skin cleared up as soon as she started paying attention to what she ate and introduced healthier foods to her diet.

The book also covers everything from her exercise regime to thoughts about waxing, in what seems like a no holds barred guide to everything you need to know to live an A List life. If it can help us to look even half as fit as Cameron at 41 then we may have to pick up a copy!

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz is available on Amazon and in the Munch store now.

Are you intrigued to read Cameron’s book? Do you look to celebrities for health guidance?


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