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Legal & General Health Quest

A little while ago I was invited to join the Legal & General Health Quest, an initiative from financial services provider Legal & General to encourage their customers to lead a healthy lifestyle and invest in a healthy future.

The scheme revolves around an online and interactive hub, where you answer a series of questions about your lifestyle to determine your Q score. The aim is to see where in your lifestyle you may be able to make improvements, from your diet to exercise or stress management, and to eventually improve your score by following their advice and tracking your progress.

Getting started is easy, I simply registered for an account and followed the initial questionnaire to get my Q score – a respectable 80, well into the ‘healthy’ range of 60-90.

Upon getting my results I was set a target to boost my score to 90 so I would sit within the optimum level, with links to advice of how to increase my score and subsequently improve my health.

The main things I was told to consider were to reduce my stress levels (something that doesn’t come easily when you spend a lot of time commuting through London’s rush hour), and maintain my diet and exercise. As I’m currently training for a half marathon I’d say my exercise levels have increased since beginning the Health Quest, so I was pleased to see that when I tracked my progress in the Health Hub my score had gone up to 82. While it’s not a massive change, I’m pleased to see it’s a move in the right direction, and I’ll be following the advice in my weekly newsletters in a bid to boost my health even further.

Q score

Following a scheme like the Health Quest does help you to see the bigger picture with healthy living – it goes beyond just eating well and exercising, factors like your stress levels and emotions have to be taken into account too.

I’ll be keeping up with the Health Quest and hope I’ll get closer to my goal of that optimum score of 90 soon!

If you want to find out your Q score and get involved with the Health Quest you can get started here.

Would you use an online health tracker? What do you think of the scheme?


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